I found Jesus in a personal way which I never have before with people. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ.
The bible study has been a great eye opener, my journey through the book of Romans has been fantastic. I learnt that I have a human spirit and I have to use it to contact the lord in a living and fresh way and this will enable me to overcome all the troubles and circumstances in my daily lives. This has brought me closer to God.
The club has provided me opportunities to speak what I enjoyed during the Bible study time. Also, I learnt how to apply the truths presented in the Bible to my daily life and to my study.

I really have an appreciation for the club because firstly we can pursue Christ. Secondly, I have found a home where there is a place to find support and encouragement throughout my student life.
Let’s just say it was God’s will that I accidentally bumped into members of the UNSW Christian club and too became part of the family. It has honestly felt like family with everyone so welcoming, friendly and caring. The past year I have enjoyed not only getting to know everyone but how rich I have been supplied by God. The weekly bible study has given me a deeper appreciation and hunger for the Word and my perspective of life has also greatly changed. The club also offers various activities throughout the year from casual beach picnics to open dinners and last year we travelled to New Zealand to meet other Christians which was the best! I’d definitely advise everyone to come check out the club, it’s awesome and you’ll meet awesome people ;D
Being at a club where there are a group of students who love the lord has really helped in my Christian life. I was able to feel that what I was doing was right, and found others I could pray with regarding any matter that came up. I don’t think I would be where I am today if I was still struggling by myself.

The open house bible study taught about many intrinsic matters within Exodus. It presented Exodus as a picture of this world and how even though Exodus was a story about something that happened a long time ago, it very much relates to us. The story about how God told Moses to drop the staff which then turned into a snake symbolises the things we rely on as a hiding place for Satan. But God does not tell us to abandon our jobs, education and etc as later on, God says to Moses to pick up the snake by the tail.
I enjoy the Bible Study sessions. They really open my eyes concerning God’s intention and the purpose of my life. Now I know that human has body, soul, and spirit. Human’s spirit is a vessel to contain God. I really appreciate that God is not far away, but He is in my spirit. I have God’s life in me! It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.
My past two years at uni have been enhanced through my time spent with UCS. Not only do we fellowship on the foundation of the Bible and Christ but I have been helped with my personal journey – enlightenment and experience with the Lord. However, I have also made friends through meeting fellow seeking believers – in the Bible life-studies and the group activities and meetings. To me, these appointments and little meetings through the week became something I looked forward to amidst the monotony and stress of labs, tutes and lectures. I went to my next classes refreshed and with a smile on my face.
It also helped remind me that my eternal destiny did not really encompass just tomorrow’s class exam but how I enjoyed the Lord while preparing and sitting tomorrow’s class exam. But the real encouragement came from seeing and meeting with fellow student believers’ a mutual sharing and enjoying of the Christ’s experienced, and of going on together to pursue Christ in our normal daily lives.

I met with the UNSW Christian Students’ club in my first semester of first year. It has been 2 years since then, and I treasure the time I’ve spent with those who strongly desire to pursue the Lord.
What really keeps me coming back to this club every single year is that I see that every club member is a genuine believer of Christ. Every activity that is planned and takes place has a sweet fragrance of Christ’s testimony in it. They all shine with Christ’s glory!
They have a genuine and a unique burden for each student and such a care is inevitably reflected in all activities, especially the personal appointments. Personally, in the past 2 years, these appointments have given me an opportunity to resolve issues that became a cause of hindrance between me and the Lord. Two really close club members would pray with me, shepherd me, and would also read some appropriate material from the Bible on a regular basis. I also attend group Bible studies every week. I always look forward to this particular time of the week as I finally found a place where I felt the Lord’s presence and experienced the divine dispensing of the Triune God through His Word.
These 2 years have transformed my life completely, and for the good. There is no longer inward searching as to who I am and/or any kind of anxieties. The Lord led me to a group of people who are purely for the Lord and they became a pattern for me in my Christian life. Everyday in our Christian life is a challenge, a choice that we need to make between good or bad; right or wrong; God or satan. I grew up to this realization that no matter what situation it is, or what choice we have made but what really matters is whether we have experienced His dispensing and gained more of Him in that situation. I thank the Lord that He led me to such a sanctified place where I could meet a group of young ones absolute for the Lord, where the Lord has a way to work Himself into their being and where I have a way to go on in my Christian life against the tide of this age.
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