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The Meaning of Human Life Course

Have you ever considered the difference between human beings and other living creatures?

Why do human beings have both good and evil natures?

What is the meaning of your human life? What is your destiny?

This excellent four-lesson course will answer all these questions and many more! Each lesson contains a key that progressively unlocks the mystery of human life. Each lesson can be completed within 30 minutes. For those who desire in-depth study, the lessons can be lengthened according to need. This course is free and is particularly suitable for students as lesson times and venue can be flexibly arranged according to your timetable.

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Other Christian Courses

Are you looking to grow and progress in your Christian walk?

These excellent courses will answer many questions related to the truth of the Bible clears the mystery related to the experience of a Christian and provides critical guidance for the understanding and growth in your Christian life. Each lesson is filled with the revelation from the Bible, and full of practical life application for the growth and development of your Christian life that is well pleasing to God.

Each of these courses consists of a group of lessons concisely pieced together and particularly suitable for students. Each lesson is designed to be completed within 40 minutes, perfect for your break times between classes. For those who desire in-depth study, the lessons can be lengthened according to your need. Lesson times and venue can be flexibly arranged according to your timetable.

Beginning Your Christian Life

Have you always wanted to know more about being a Christian or are you a new believer who would like to know more about beginning your Christian life. This course will answer your questions regarding how to pray to God, how to experience God and how to enjoy the Word of God. It even tells you the very “address” of God and where God lives! In seven short lessons you will have a way to begin your Christian life.

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A Normal Living of a Christian

In a world full of varying standards, the difference between what is normal and abnormal is often unclear. Have you ever wondered what the normal living of a Christian is? What does God’s word show us about our Christian living? In nine enlightening lessons, this course will show you basic, yet critical, aspects of a normal Christian living.

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The Basic Principles of the Christian Life

Society today thinks that the word God and religion are synonymous terms. Do you know that there is a difference between religion and God and a difference between doing good works and dispensing life? Do you know what God desires for man, and what grieves God’s heart? Do you have the feeling of hunger but have not found anything that will satisfy you? This seven lesson course will provide the answers and may just be the spiritual food that you are seeking.

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